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Whether you’re brand new to the deregulated energy industry or you’re a long-standing veteran, it never hurts to have some help. Digital Deregulated can act as your white glove energy consulting expert, guiding your operations and connecting you with the services most vital to staying in business.

Our consulting services provide a wide range of services tailored to meet your needs. Some of our most essential services include helping you file the proper registration paperwork with government entities, performing market research for your target markets, deciding on the billing system, selecting the right third party verification (TPV) partner, and enabling a host of value-add services for your customers — all in addition to handling your traditional and digital marketing needs.

Anything you need to get your operation running, trim costs, or become more productive and efficient — we can provide it. You gain partnerships that streamline business operations while helping you Stand Out in the energy sector. Simplify your business, and focus on your vision as we help you assemble the solutions needed to handle all the rest.

Supplier Licensing

What are the licensing requirements? How can you ensure that you are in compliance with the government entities? 

Digital Deregulated can answer these questions, which will be unique to the market in which you operate. We reveal the exact steps you need to to be legitimate and stay on the right side of regulatory bodies. Then, we work with you to complete all of the necessary paperwork.

In addition to helping you complete your applications, we help you prepare for vetting and all of the necessary disclosures. Depending on your area’s requirements, you may need proof of financial capacity, a surety bond, and necessary experience. Your business or holding company may be asked to provide a current financial statement and forecasts.

All of these disclosure documents can become public record once filed, so owners and investors interested in protecting their privacy will need to take additional steps, such as filing a motion of protective order to keep the application confidential.

Deregulated Market Research

Do you know the market rules to run your sales operations? Will you meet the deadline to obtain your EDI certification for launch? What are your largest demographic opportunities? Which competitors pose the biggest threat to sales and growth?

Market research questions like these are essential not just for your business plan but for due diligence and regulatory compliance. Conducting market research can give you the specific numbers you need to secure funding, develop a marketing strategy, project future sales, and more.

Digital Deregulated works with partners who strive to uncover the exact market research data you need to fulfill your business goals. We can get you information on market rules to ensure seamless transactions to targeted leads for regional estimates, addresses and neighborhood schematics.

Monitoring services can provide you with regular updates to your research, allowing you to stay on top of emerging trends and prepare for what the future may hold.

CRM/CIS/Billing Systems

What type of billing will your company offer – Dual, Rate Ready, Bill Ready, POR? What type of products will you be selling – FFR, Variable, Intro? How will you ensure a positive experience for your customers? How will you ensure compliance with tax agencies and regulators? 

The system you choose will have a huge effect on the image of your brand. Customers interact with their energy providers through the CRM and if you cannot provide accurate information on their account in a timely manner, credibility can be lost and even customer complaints.  Your CRM should provide a seamless and customized journey for the end user. It should also reduce costs per lead, provide accurate data for leads and allow for integrations. 

Upon enrollment request, when the utility does not accept the 814E, do you wait until the customer contacts you and complains about their account? What if you do not receive the 867MU file, do you wait until your broker disputes their commission? If you receive the incorrect 810 file, do you know how to reconcile these transactions? Billing systems act as the backbone of your operational documentation, allowing you to accurately report income, track taxes and payments owed, and reveal the microdata of every monthly bill and meter read. It is important that you know how your system works and how to handle erroneous transactions. 

Digital Deregulated wants you to be able to meet all of your associated business goals and more. We take the process of selecting an optimal billing system for your business needs very seriously. Most REPs do not have a clear grasp of how many meters they currently have and incorrect data is exchanged more often than you think. Our expert consultants will help you navigate your options, consider the branding ramifications of your choice, and select a system that you, your customers, and your partners will appreciate.

Third-Party Verification (TPV) Support

How do you ensure compliance for regulations governing door-to-door marketing practices? What can you do to provide proof of contract for each new customer onboarded? Will you be prepared for an audit when the time comes?

Third-party verification (TPV) partners act as a witness to any new contracts or agreements made between you and your customer. A TPV is necessary for most point-of-sale interactions that occur outside of the traditional office setting, including contracts agreed to during door-to-door sales and over phone calls. 

Digital Deregulated can help you find a TPV partner that aligns with your company’s goals that you can depend on. The right provider will put in place address validations to ensure that the sale you received has the correct data and you avoid rework. Time is money when working with TPV providers and you want to make sure it is efficient for both you and the consumer.  More importantly, we know the level of documentation and due diligence required to keep you in compliance and make your life easier in the event you are ever audited or investigated by a regulatory body.

Business Support Value Add Services

What can you do to increase the lifetime value of customers while improving their brand sentiment? How can you use strategic partnerships to boost the growth and value of your company?

Most deregulated energy companies literally can’t afford to compete on just price. They need value-add products and services that allow them to Stand Out and Go Beyond the Meter.

Digital Deregulated helps you select the precise value-add products and services that reinforce your brand values and help you succeed on your strategic growth goals. Common value-add offerings include signing incentives, branded promotional items, loyalty programs, strategic promotional partnerships, and integration with other billable services.

We can also help you tailor certain products or services to niche personas in your area. Want to target green businesses? Co-op minded neighborhoods? Military families? We perform the research and guide you towards the partnerships that can forge strong connections between you and your target personas.

Traditional Marketing

How can you spread your brand awareness in your target geographies? What tactics can you use to maximize conversations and fuel customer growth?

Traditional sales and marketing tactics never truly go away, and there’s a great reason for that: they work. However, fraudulent tactics are often used to enroll customers by representing the main utility or promising inaccurate prices and/or products in return for enrollment. 

Digital Deregulated can help you devise marketing strategies through traditional channels that leverage your branding assets and synergise with your digital campaigns. You work only with partners who provide value to your bottom line while keeping you in compliance with all relevant marketing and advertising regulations.

Two of our biggest traditional marketing services are door-to-door marketing and call center marketing, both of which can help you extend your presence into high-value geographies while keeping customer sentiment positive.

Digital Marketing

How can you leverage digital technologies for maximum conversion rates and higher ROI? What can data do for you in terms of helping you target the right customers with more precision? Who will help you spread word of your brand through online conversations?

As margins get thinner and competition gets fierce with new REPs filing monthly, Suppliers find themselves asking how they will increase customer acquisition and retain those hard-earned customers. Incorporating digital marketing strategies into your tech box is the future. A handful of the biggest players in our industry are already going digital. To rely on traditional marketing goes against what this industry represents. There is no universal customer, and customers communicate differently, especially now more than ever due to the number of options. Digital marketing is by no means here to replace traditional marketing — nor should it, because there is room for both, and you should be utilizing both.

Let us show you how to obtain new sales by incorporating digital technologies such as SEO, PPC and Social Media. Most companies are incorporating digital in some capacity, but to do it right you need an entire team of SEO strategists, PPC experts, content writers, graphic designers, website developers, social media partners and brand managers. Digital Deregulated can provide you with an entire team for what you would typically spend on one FTE. We’re not just a marketing company; we’ve worked in your industry and can help you stay ahead of current trends and your competition when you decide to go digital. 

Talk to an Energy Consultant Who Can Make Your Business Lean and Efficient

Deregulation makes the energy sector a lucrative market. Part of the appeal of this industry is that it’s supposed to be straightforward, but the reality can be anything but. Digital Deregulated understands the pain points that stress out energy executives and hold their companies back from realizing their full value potential. 

Let us provide you with a white glove service that can take care of the obligations and put you on the track to profitability. By selecting the right partners and ensuring compliance, we allow you to focus on what you do best: achieving your vision for growth and profitability, quarter after quarter.

Message us on social media or contact us online today to get in touch with an energy supplier consultant that wants to give you all the conditions you need to find success.