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Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and search engine marketing (SEM) offer some of the most effective returns of any advertising channel — at a far lower price than traditional marketing.

Your brand can be seen by millions of people every time they search online. Using PPC, you can target the perfect audiences and demographics. And, as the name implies, you only pay for the people who click.

The data these campaigns generate can help you get smarter with all of your advertising practices. Learn the copy that converts, test out new audiences, and seek a higher return on investment (ROI) with every ad impression.

Deregulated energy companies that struggle to get exposure and that want better returns than traditional ad campaigns can offer should look to PPC as a low-cost way to get huge impressions.

Find out what PPC and SEM could be doing for your performance numbers when you talk to an online marketing expert today. Call 404-913-4057 or contact us online, and let’s get the conversation started.

How Does Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Work?

While SEO is all about organic traffic and is more of a marathon, PPC is a sprint that provides quick results in terms of traffic to your site. PPC ads appear at the top and edges of a search engine results page. If you’ve ever used Google, Bing, or any other popular search engine, you’ve seen PPC ads.

PPC ad campaigns are easy to set up, and they practically run themselves. All you need to do is:

  1. Grab a link to the page you want people to visit
  2. Write ad copy (with variants)
  3. Decide who you want to target
  4. Set a budget
  5. Tell it when to start

As the PPC name implies, you only pay when people click on the ad. The maximum cost-per-click (CPC) is set by you. However, ads with higher budgets get seen first, so deciding on your CPC involves a lot of strategies.

People who click on your ad are taken to a page of your choosing. Best practice suggests that you use a custom landing page that talks about the offer or USP first mentioned in the PPC ad headline. When people arrive at this page, it funnels them towards action, such as email signup or an opt-in to your services.

The quick set-up and low cost of PPC make it easy to drive a high volume of customers to the page or offer you want them to see. By working with a seasoned PPC expert, you can drive high conversion rates and seek progressively more-ambitious online marketing goals.

Stay On Target with Precise PPC Campaigns

PPC advertising lets you select or filter out specific audiences. Choose from:

  • Keywords
  • Age
  • Geographic region
  • Income
  • More

Data from past successful campaigns and other channels, like email marketing, can be imported to help your PPC ads target similar audiences.

Google and other search engines also offer advanced targeting techniques, such as grouping audiences by similar lifestyle interests, recent life-changing events like buying their first home, and “In-market” people actively searching for new energy providers.

All of these targeting options ensure that you only spend money on the potential customers that matter. People who can’t or won’t become your customers aren’t shown irrelevant ads, saving you money and preserving your brand sentiment.

PPC experts at Digital Deregulated can help you identify and experiment with the targeting options that bring you the most potential for ROI. We can also help you optimize later campaigns for improved performance and more sophisticated techniques that help you promote your campaigns and fulfill your most ambitious goals.

PPC Gives You Data to Make Every Ad Channel Better

How do your ads perform with women? Millennials? People who just bought their first home? People who are looking to switch from their existing energy provider?

Traditional advertising can only give you these answers through subjective and often inaccurate surveys. PPC can give you precise, highly accurate performance data. This data can be sorted, explored, and filtered according to your specific audience types or campaign goals.

Information on PPC performance can inform your other campaigns. Test out ad copy for its conversion potential. Experiment with targeting specific persona types. Learn what works and what doesn’t.

Through these benefits, PPC advertising provides a high ROI through not just performance but also highly informative research. Experienced PPC consultants can use this data to extract better performance from your other ad channels while informing the creation of new, highly effective marketing strategies.

Want to Learn How to Become a PPC Master? Talk to the Experts

Digital Deregulated offers consulting for PPC and all forms of digital advertising. We help you ask the right questions and get the answers that drive business success.

Let us help you form a winning strategy to earn more impressions and conversions than you could ever get from traditional advertising channels. We want your deregulated energy company to find its audience, make an impact, and earn their loyalty, campaign after campaign.

Start crafting your winning strategy for PPC and SEM when you contact us online or message us on social media to speak with a digital marketing expert today.